Partners for Democratic Change Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

The vision of Partners Hungary Foundation is a multicultural, accepting and open society that lives in harmony with its environment and with nature. It is able to integrate values of different cultures, at personal, community and society levels alike, and where structures of equal opportunity are available to everyone for self-fulfilment and for community life.
The mission of the Foundation, in the interest of the above, is to spread the culture of cooperation the application and propagation of alternative methods conflict management and the development of participatory democracy.

In our work we thrive at:

  • Strengthening the community dialogue
  • Defining change as an opportunity
  • Strengthening inter-sectoral cooperation.

Areas of our strategic intervention, strategic directions:

  • Realization of social integration programs, with special regard to Roma social integration
  • Propagation, application and development of alternative conflict management methods, especially mediation and restorative practices
  • Democratization of education with the dissemination and implementation of the Step by Step program (child centred, cooperation and community based methodology)